Majority League Board Members 

Best Friends Michael McDonald & Patrick Henderson

Director of Music / Patrick Henderson       

Patrick Henderson is a native Texan, who is a composer/record producer by profession. His music can be heard around the world from such artists as Aretha Franklin, Patty Labelle, Michael McDonald, Michael Boltin, the Commodores, The Doobie Brothers, Tremaine Hawkins, Brooklyn Tabernacle the Oslo Gospel Choir, the Mighty Clouds of Joy and the list goes on and on!  He has lived in Baltimore since 1998, and presently serves as pastor of The Church of Spirit and Truth. By pioneering the advent of Praise and Worship Music in 1989 into the African American church, he is widely considered the father of the seismic shift that changed the style of black church worship music. He is Phi Theta Kappa and served as President of Student Governance and Student Trustee Representative at the Baltimore City Community College. He is the co-founder of Unification Solutions LLC. Mr. Henderson also serves as lead host to Patrick Henderson's Meet the People, a weekly talk radio show on Radio One's WOLB 1010 and Spirit 1400.

Director of Youth Development/ Rahsheda Flowers

 Born and raised in the heart Baltimore City Maryland, Rahsheda Flowers learned early on what it took to be a leader. In a 9 children household, her parents dedicated their lives to make sure their kids understood the significance of self love, the importance of having principles and values, and  most importantly how to express compassion and respect that they wanted to receive in life. Rahsheda studied Business Management at Coppin State University and proceeded to start a thriving career in Retail Management, where her drive and creative skill set opened a path to limitless possibilities.  In 2014, she became the Executive Director of The Downtown Cultural Arts Center located in the Arts & Entertainment District. While over seeing that administration, she was able to organize successful multi cultured fundraising events and created programs to implement community outreach through creative arts. As the saying goes “ It takes a Village to raise a child”. In knowing that, Rahsheda dedicate her free time providing professional support and enrichment by teaching Life Skills and Etiquette to the Youth.  In addition, became a licensed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist PRP Practitioner where she offers psychosocial  and psychiatric rehabilitation services that help citizens adjust to their social environments with individuals or group counseling, job training, housing needs, and family support. Rahsheda Flowers is the Co- Founder of Majority League LLC, a social enterprise utilizing the arts performing variety shows on Baltimore’s CMBC Network under their Non-Profit Unification Solutions to raise funds for youth and senior programs. Also, co-founder of numerous community organizations like The Dolfield Consolidated Trust (who are building the first Resource Center in that neighborhood, gaining over $250,000 yearly into redeveloping the business districts in poor communities), Community of Concerned Citizens and The Eastside Stakeholders. Affiliate of  Global Youth Innovation Network Baltimore Chapter, Leveraging Investments in Neighborhood Corridors Strategy (LINCS) and the Pimlico Area Local Aid Fund Community. Rahsheda Flowers continues to bridge the gap and advocate for her community by teaching the youth and counseling the adults.

Rahsheda Flowers with Mayor Catherine Pugh

Director of Entertainment / Desi Alexander 

Ironically  named after a joke from Eddie Murphys "Delirious" Stand-up special that debut in 1984 his father knew he was destined for greatness. With his cool attitude and limitless talent Desi brings all of his energy to the stage. Throughout his career he has become a phenominal writer, from stand-up material to movie scripts, he has it all. He's opened for Kevin Hart, Tommy Davidson, Paul Mooney and countless legends of comedy. He's also performed in Carolones, The Comic Strip, The Broadway, Eastville, and The New York Comedy Club. He's hosted, featured and headlined in all the clubs and colleges in the Baltimore/DC area. Desi has a great reputation of being able to adjust any audience with his charm and love for comedy. With his brother Wayno they teamed up and helped launch "The Majority League" an entertainment group  that performs stand-up and live sketch comedy  every month to a growing audience. "Desi and The Majority League"weekly  local television show airs weekly in Baltimore, channel 75. Co-hosting, with his brother, Wayne AmonRa, behind Patrick Henderson on Radio One's Spirit 1400 am radio,  Sundays' at 3:30 PM,,and WOLB 1010 AM,   WWW.WOLBBALTIMORE.COM, Monday's at 11:30 AM with "Patrick Henderson's Meet the People"  Keep your eyes open for this rising star!
The Legendary Paul Mooney & Desi Alexander
Director of Community Development / Wayno AmonRa

Born Duane Alexander Wayno AmonRa, is an educator, writer, video/music editor, and activist that use his academic and street smarts to inspire young people and adults alike to strive for their dreams and overcome obstacles. He found his way into numerous public schools and recreational centers in Baltimore and D.C. area by developing and operating after school, summer camps and mentoring programs. He has used his love of music, history and science to organize rallies and events to keep students excited about learning. He has quickly become a sought after lecturer and motivational speaker around the nation. He graduated from Baltimore City Community College Young Child Education, certified in Money and Business Management John Hopkins University, currently studies African History and Urban Development at Coppin State University. Also a co-founder of numerous community organization like the Dolfield Stakeholders, Community of Concern Citizens and The East Side Stakeholders gaining over $250,000 yearly into redeveloping poor communities. He’s a Program Director for Global Youth Innovation Network. He is a Community Advisory Board Member of Leveraging Investments in Neighborhood Corridors Strategy (LINCS) and the Pimlico Area Local Impact Aid Community Advisement board member as well.  

He his life story has been documented in the Smithsonian Institute and Library of Congress as part of the National Public Radio (NPR) StoryCorps Edition. Co-founder of The Majority League, a local comedy team performing variety shows on Baltimore’s CMBC Network and co-founded of Unification Solutions Inc. LLC a 501 3 c non-profit. He served on the board of IVote Maryland, Former President of the National Action Network Baltimore Chapter, Vice-President of Alexander & Alexander Youth Works. Wayno can be found co-hosting the #1 talk radio program on WOLB-1010 AM and WWIN Spirit 1400 in Radio One Studio's for the past 5 years with musical legend Patrick Henderson Lead host on the Patrick Henderson’s “Meet The People” talk radio show. He has been a guest on various documentaries, television and radio programs as an expert in education, politics and community development. But also has a funny bone performing in comedic sitcoms, school pep rallies, and standup political comedy in various arenas opening for major standup comedians. Wayno takes pride in having helped hundreds of young men in Baltimore go to college and turn their lives around.

Wayne Amon-Ra speaks during a meeting at Coppin State University for citizens to air their concerns with the Department of Justice.

(Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun)

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