Majority League LLC

Majority League LLC - We are a community based social enterprise that continues 

to strategize to maximize financial and social well being 

for under privileged communities. 


The Majority League LLC was the community outreach and entertainment department for the Downtown Cultural Arts Center in Baltimore, Md. Helping to raise funds to facilitate community enrichment programs. The Majority League Variety Show is a showcase comprised of comedy acts as well as theatrical sketches that depicts the true realities of everyday life as we are able to break monotonous tension through laughter along with exciting song, dance, step shows that include talent from all around Baltimore City with various cultural backgrounds.  Our showcase also include guest appearances by radio and television personalities, who are willing to have inspirational conversations with the youth and adults alike. The “Majority League Variety Show” aired on local television networks in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia (DMV) area. During the show we awarded numerous community advocators, activist, and organizations with the “Dynamic People Awards” Saluting the ones who have made a positive impact in their communities. From this platform we became the outlet to resources for people and organizations to get the help they were searching for.


All donations are still being accepted! Your donations help us continue the fight for a better tomorrow. Every donation goes directly to educating the kids in your communities. Donations pay for school supplies, modern equipment, uniforms and shoes for children throughout the city. The Baltimore Sun newspaper posted an article discussing the changes by the board of education, teaching Baltimore City students under the same curriculum used in Maryland’s countschools. The decision to give equal education in Maryland schools was approved in January 2013. Our students deserve the latest information, with teachers motivated to give them the knowledge they will need to survive.

If We Knew Better We'd Do Better...

Our curriculum's are composed of the latest information used in top colleges and universities around the world. Analyzing and researching newly found studies in fields such as quantum physics, astrology, and medicine preparing our students for a long lasting career in the sciences, becoming a major part in our growing economy, or starting a new company and creating jobs. 

The  opportunities are endless once your students are engaged in a system that works with and for them. If we want our children to be successful we have to show them successful people who look just like them.

Wayno AmonRa   

Mentoring Program

Mayor Stephanie Rawlins-Blake with us, alongside of members from the Foster Grandparent Program and our YouthWorks students!!!

Majority League 101

The number one way to change the issues plaguing our communities is education, and not just the standard public school curriculum, but by presenting a fun filled interactive silly but serious science program. Knowing the accomplishments and contributions that people of African decent have made in the sciences all around the world has never truly been told. Less than 3% of the African American community are in fields of science, yet we have been some of it's greatest contributors. We intend to change that ratio!

 Who knows, one of your students could be the next Elijah McCoy inventor of almost every moving part in the first trains created. Or how about Dr, Charles Drew who successfully performed the first blood transfusions and created the first blood bank program for England and the American Red Cross. Statistics say that if one child in your home obtains a college education it will economically changes the whole family!

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