LWD Consolidated Trust CDC Inc.

We are a non-profit organization that strategizes with community based organizations and local businesses to maximize on the social well being of the people, building communities financially and cities/towns economically.



Soft Skills Training

Job Training & Placement

Community Engagement

Improving Mental, Physical & Spiritual Stability


Strengthen participants mental stability, provide job training, resume building, housing and provide drug treatment recommendations if necessary.

Engage in cultural diversity,  provide extensive training in Customer Service & Social Interaction Skills, Conflict Resolution and Community Organizing,.     


Our History  

The “Majority League” was originally the community outreach and entertainment department for the Downtown Cultural Arts Center in   Baltimore, Md. Raising funds to facilitate community enrichment programs, “The Majority League Variety Show” consisted of comedy acts as well as theatrical sketches that depicts the true realities of everyday life. Breaking the monotonous tension with laughter and exciting step shows that included various talents from all around the Baltimore, D.C. and Virginia(DMV).  Our showcases also include guest  appearances by radio and television personalities, having inspirational  conversations with the youth and adults alike. To this day, two Majority League acts have made a career for themselves in comedy, Jess Hilarious and Desi Alexander.  The “Majority League Variety Show”   aired on local television networks in the DMV area. During the show we awarded numerous community advocators, activist, seniors and organizations with the “Dynamic People Awards” Saluting the ones who have made a positive impact and contribution in their communities.

From this platform we became the outlet to resources for people  and organizations to get the help they were searching for. People from  all around the country began contacting us to host events, travel to schools and churches for trainings ops, educate communities on ways to redevelop and motivate the youth about  the importance of  science. We were also invited to be apart of a few city and state boards center around community engagement and redevelopment. With all that we learned throughout the years, we had to create our own non-profit (LWD Consolidated Trust CDC Inc.) to ensure that things get done properly.   Since 2009, we have been working with various organizations in West Baltimore because its the area that we grew up in and to watch it decay  right before our eyes, we knew  something had to be done.  Mainly to ensure that the generations to come, would not have to  endure the same disparities and pain that historically plagued  Baltimore City. There are so many issues affecting our communities  there could never be a one size fits all solution, so we support and  educate community advocates and organizations to ensure that as a  collective we are addressing the issues and the needs of the people. 

We helped to sphere head organizations like the Community of  Concerned Citizens (C.C.C.) who won a lawsuit against Baltimore  Washington International Airport (BWI).  We are also the co-founders of The Dolfield Consolidated Trust a  community based organization who was granted $300.000.00 by the  Baltimore City Impact Race Track Fund. These funds are awarded to The Dolfield Consolidated Trust every year for the next 20 years to redevelop and sustain the up keep and overall beautification of the Dolfield Business District in the Ashburton Community. Callaway Elementary School received $100,000.00, bringing the school into the 21st century with technology and enrichment programs as well as $20,000.00 that went to The Boys and Girls Club for after school programs. We are still on the boards of these organizations along with others that are still active and are a major benefit to the communities there in. Program Priorities We are seeking funding for salaries and to hire individuals to train them in various fields to be a better citizen in their community and a better resident in their city. Ideally, training them to do what we  do! We have carved out a new path to change which we have been told numerous times by public offices, police officers and just everyday people that, “We Need More People Like You!” With these newly trained  individuals, we will address the unemployment issue through our job training and placement programs, which also incorporates case management services.

We can continue to help homeless men and women increase their self-confidence, skills in Reading, Math, English, Computers, and eventually obtain and retain employment, escaping homelessness for good. Participants who complete pre-employment training will be assisted in locating full-time jobs. Participants will also learn how to conduct a successful job search. To be successful, case managers will help them resolve barriers and problems that traditionally have led them to failure, address personal problems and assist them in  maintaining employment. In individual meetings and group classes, they will explore issues such as self-control, coping skills, and asking difficult questions of them. Frequent post-employment meetings between the case managers and participants will be held to discuss  progress on the job, training activities, and personal issues. Learning this process they will be able to train new participants that are affected by similar barriers. These types of consistent rap-around services always show a positive outcome for each participant and their families.

Each participant will play a major part in their own personal redevelopment as well as the redevelopment of their families and communities. As part of our community outreach, members of LWD Consolidated Trust CDC Inc. spend numerous hours out of the day walking the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore City.  Thats why the people that we hire are very particular, folks that have survived major trauma in those same neighborhoods and found ways to make a better life for themselves and their families. Bringing awareness to much needed resources that may be right in their own communities. We also have worked directly with Mayor Catherine Pugh and the City Council creating a GrassRoots  organized shelter pilot program which was called #TENTCITY. In a  press conference, Mayor Catherine Pugh told the listening audience that the #TENTCITY organizers helped to get over 25 homeless people housed within the first 30 days,  which has never been done before in the history of Maryland. We have  help over 500 people get housed in the past 2 years, which is personally one of our greatest accomplishments!

This Coming Spring 2020 we will be introducing our new program housing Veterans! 

"Fortified Hero's Residency"

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